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Canine Conditions

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Below details some of the main conditions I treat for dogs; Veterinary Physiotherapy is highly beneficial for managing and preventing these diseases (this is not an exhaustive list and there are many other diseases/conditions I can help).
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Osteoarthritis DJD: Degenerative Joint Disease


This a chronic disease characterized by loss of joint cartilage, thickening of joint capsule and new bone formation around the affected joint. You may think is just occurs in older dogs but often it is secondary to orthopaedic disease such as hip dysplasia and patella luxation. Alongside pain relief, hydrotherapy and Veterinary assistance Veterinary Physiotherapy can be highly beneficial either for conservative management or post-surgically.


How can I help?

-Advice on change in home environment

-Decrease pain, relive inflammation

-Increase mobility

-Maintain Joint range of motion

-Manage areas compensating

-Build up muscle mass to support joint/s

-Weight management

-Prescription of low-level exercise


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