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Laser Therapy 3B (Low Level)

Low light laser therapy has become increasingly popular in recent years with a growing body of clinical-evidence behind it! When used in practise it aims to target tissue healing and pain levels. The light energy triggers biochemical changes within the body, light is absorbed into the cells activating enzymes increasing ATP production. ATP is important in production of proteins which can play a role in pain relief, tissue repair and inflammation.

Laser treatments can be used alongside manual techniques if deemed appropriate. Laser can help speed up healing, improve mobility, strengthen muscles and tissue.

Benefits can include:

1. Decrease acute and chronic pain levels

2. Reduce inflammation

3. Increase circulation

4. Decrease scar tissue formation

5. Improve lymphatic drainage

6. Vasodilation (Increased blood flow)

7. Stimulate fibroblast development and collagen production

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