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Terms & Conditions

1. REFERRAL: As a Veterinary Physiotherapist I am required by law to treat only from/under Veterinary Referral; in accordance with the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966. It is an owner’s obligation to provide me with a Veterinary Referral before I assess/treat. If I do not have a Veterinary Referral, I will contact your Veterinary Surgeon to receive this before your appointment.

2. CANCELLATION: Cancellation for scheduled Veterinary Physiotherapy treatments must be made a minimum of 24 Hours before. If it is less than 24 Hours or you’re a ‘no show’ you will be required to pay the FULL price of the treatment scheduled. If you or your animal falls ill or has contracted a harmful disease (Example: Kennel Cough, Diarrhoea, Flea infestation); you should reschedule your appointment and no charge will occur.


3. PRIVACY POLICY: All client information and details are protected by client confidentially law set out in the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966; further protected by NAVP Code of Conduct. Move More Vet Physio also complies with the General Data Protection Act.


4. REFUSAL OF TREATMENT: If Veterinary Treatment if needed for your animal; the Veterinary Physiotherapist has a duty to refuse treatment, and you will be required to seek the appropriate Veterinary Care. Alternatively, if your animal presents harm to the Veterinary Physiotherapists, they also have the right to refuse treatment. The client should always be honest if asked about behavioural issues or areas of their animal’s body they are uncomfortable with being touched. The client will be responsible for paying half the price of the treatment/assessment.


5. PAYMENT: Cash, card and direct bank transfer are the payment methods accepted. The full payment should be made at time of assessment/treatment. If the client repeatedly fails to pay; your animal will be prohibited from treatment until resolved.


6. INSURANCE: If claiming for Physiotherapy from your insurance policy; you must have both referral from your Veterinary Surgeon and approval from your insurance company before commencement of treatment. All appointments must be paid upfront in accordance with PAYMENT. I will then send insurance claims form to your insurance company. When this has been accepted, the insurance company will compensate you for the costs of the treatment. Please ensure you have read and contacted your insurance company to discuss this with them prior to sending a claims form.


By confirming your Veterinary Physiotherapy assessment/treatment you are agreeing with the above terms and conditions.

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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy will explain and describe to you, why and how any personal data you provide may be used. I follow strict rules and regulations to ensure confidentiality and your personal privacy is protected. The information asked on thus website; it will be used inline with the below privacy policy.


Collection of Data:

To become a client, you will need to supply your name, email address/contact number and a referral form holding your animal’s information. Further to visit your house I will require your home address. Any personal information and appropriate notes/files will be kept in a password protected file on a password protected computed.

Cookies and Tracking:

This website will use various technologies to both store and collect information when visiting or using the services. Cookies are small files I may use to analyse the trends of the website including Gather demographic information, tack users’ movement around the website etc. Users can control use of cookies at the individual browser level.

Third Party Access:

Upon my website trusted third party affiliates/apps are uses such as Online Booking and the Blog. These third parties will only process and store your information it is needed to, to perform the purposes that have been authorised. The same level of protection will be provided as described by this privacy policy.

How will this data be used?

Phone or email will be used to contact you regarding discussing appointments, payment or further information and marketing emails (Such as newsletters). Your address will be provided as I am a mobile service, I will require this to attend the location. Payment and billing information will only be used for payments.

Retaining/holding your data:

Your personal data will be kept for as needed in regards of its purpose, for which it was obtained and will be consistent with appropriate laws.

-In accordance with the NAVP and insurance companies, data will be required to be kept for 7 years after the last treatment of the animal/animals

-If there is a legal obligation such as certain laws that require us to hold your data or keep records of certain transactions, we will do this for the specified period before deletion.

-Your personal data is needed to allow me to keep records about your animal and the treatment provided, which is also required for the clients and my insurance.

Dispute resolution or filing a complaint:

If you have any issues/complaints regarding this Privacy Policy; please contact me. I will attempt to resolve these concerns and use of personal information. Alternatively, the contact form can be used.

Changes to this Privacy Policy: This may occur to reflect changes to my business, the website or services or any applicable laws. The revised Privacy Statement will come into act as of the published date. If any substantial changes are implemented or customers will be provided with a notice 30-day prior by email.


How to Contact Move More Vet Physio:

  1. Mobile: 07983526885

  2. Email:

  3. Contact form on this site.

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