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The service I provide involves three main steps: after receiving a referral from your Veterinary Surgeon. I will begin by completing a detailed assessment on your animal. 

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Step 1:
Using your animal’s case history and your feedback I will give your animal a static, dynamic and palpation assessment, including range of motion.

ll these steps will allow me to assess how your animal is moving, behaving and feeling; I can go on to identify an area of compensation, pain, muscle tension, decreased muscle mass and reduced function.

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Step 2:

I will select the appropriate treatments to best suited to help your animal. Treatment will solely involve manual therapies such as massage, Myofascial techniques, Stretching, Kinesiology taping; plus hot and cold therapies.

Each techniques have a different effect on your canine’s body targeting specific problems. Here are a few of the benefits for massage:


-Reduction of tension

-Reduction of pain

-Enhancement of venous and lymphatic return

-Increasing local tissue temperature

-Improve joint function and range of motion

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Step 3:

A tailored remedial exercise programme.


These exercises can help improve your animals strength, balance, proprioception, stride length, range of motion and mobility.


These can consist of on-lead walking, Sit-to-stand, cavaletti poles, wobble cushions, baited stretches, incline/decline walking and much more!


These will be used within Vet Physio sessions and alongside at home and I will provide a personalised exercise plan.

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