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About Kinesiology Taping:

I may apply Kinesiology Tape within your Vet Physio Session and ask you to reapply this at home! (However, it is not suitable for all cases, do not apply without consulting me first)

Kinesiology tape is an elastic stretchy tape designed to help support soft tissues of the musculoskeletal system. You may see high-level human athletes wear this! and this can also be applied to animals. Wearing this tape allows for full range of movement whilst supporting and stabilising chosen areas. This aims to improve and assist in the healing time.

Pain Relief: The stretch of the tape corresponds with the elasticity of the skin; the skin can be stretched by lengthening the muscle underneath as I apply the tape. When I place the muscle back to a normal position, the tape lifts the skin providing pain relief.



Circulation: The skin is lifted and massaged as movement of the tape moves when your canine moves. By lifting the skin relieves pressure and restores the circulation of blood and lymph fluids.


Proprioception: This is the body’s ability to sense it’s movement, its action and location. Applying Kinesiology Tape may improve communication between the body and mind; therefore, increasing proprioception.

Improving Muscle Function: Taping an influence muscle contraction and relaxation depending on placement.

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